Demonstration of Frustration

by Stand for Nothing

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Jasmine Rose Fuentes
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Jasmine Rose Fuentes I don't love this record..but it was too great to pass up. For a Long Island-based band it kicks much ass. Long Island bands usually don't sound like this. Thematically very well put together. They don't take fan mail. Favorite track: U.R.M.T.
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released August 7, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Opened up, Fucked with a knife, sewn back together with neon strings and set loose on the world at NFC and Alex Shirzay

Album made by people



all rights reserved


Stand for Nothing

Wrong Island's premier shithead punk band. No fan mail.

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Track Name: Act II
The death of summer gave us new life
Those first words were sharper than a knife
Never felt anything like that before
didn’t seem to mind Mondays anymore

Spent so many nights waiting for dawn,
leaving flowers for those long gone
friends left aboard that sinking ship

Didn’t think I could take another winter,
a tumultuous flame reduced to a flicker
on a dying wick.

I did not want to be put out

Spring forward; ghosts on the corner,
frozen hearts can only get warmer
let the blood flow

Amend, befriend the undead
you might need ‘em in the end
let the past go

I have been channeling ghosts

Finally had an outlet
to let out the finality
But I’ve come to see
some ends aren’t permanent
despite the means
We may meet again.

Autumn’s life brought about our death
Track Name: Hardlycore
What are you looking at?

I don’t care about Youth Attack
and I prefer my vinyl black
Collecting plastic in limited runs
is not my idea of fun

“$200 was my winning bid on eBay
hearing that it’s being re-pressed has totally ruined my day”

Opening bands all sound the same
Fuck ‘em all, show up late
Don’t feel the need to “show support
for these ‘good dudes’ on their first tour ”

Excuse me for being “rude” and I’ll excuse your shitty tunes
Just because I hate your songs, it doesn’t mean we can’t get along
If you want to hate me, well that’s just fine. Call me a poseur, I don’t mind
I would rather vogue to Madonna than hatemosh to Xibalba

Strike a pose

I don’t like Integrity, so I have no credibility
I can’t feign interest in Reign Supreme
and Hoax does not appeal to me

Talking about hardcore is such a bore
checking out your band is such a chore
I don’t wanna read your zine
and I don’t care about the scene
I will never defend pop-punk, if anything, I want to offend pop-punk
Songs rife with sarcasm and jokes are the kinds of songs I hate the most
Track Name: Sincerity/Sorbet
I can see that things are going well
for now,
but it’s just a matter of time before it goes to hell
and you call me down

I am really happy for you
and I wish nothing but the best for you

But something is bound to go wrong
and when it does, you’ll sing that same old song
The one that goes:

“No one knows me like you do.
When I was with him, I was thinking of you”

Until then we’ll remain perfect strangers;
stay out of danger.

I hope you’ve found a reason to live
by now
if not, it’s a matter of time before you’ve no more to give
and you fall down

I am really pulling for you
and I wish nothing but the best for you

But something is bound to go wrong
and when it does, you’ll sing that same old song
The one that goes:

“No one knows me like you do
There is no one else I can turn to”

‘til then we’ll remain perfect strangers,
stay out of danger

You cried when you heard those flowers were yours,
I hope my sincerity doesn’t close any doors
Please don’t twist my words, there is no resentment
and I have no interest in a relationship


As for you, it’s such a shame,
though I suppose I am to blame
I really wish it could’ve worked out
I could tell that you work out
When I’m craving some sorbet,
I’ll be sure to head your way,
though I’ll feel uncomfortable

Light as a feather, stiff as a board
I am stiff and bored
Track Name: Mother's Day
Just about a quarter-century
and I haven’t found anything for me
Nothing that I want to do,
two times I’ve given up on school
I am still living at home,
one day I’ll move and die alone,
but until that fateful day,
I’ll have to try to find my way

Time to grow up
Trying to grow up

Peers have moved and found careers,
wipe away their children’s tears
I will never create a life
or a have an awful-wedded wife
I’ve always said “death before marriage”
wish I died before I hit the carriage
Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out,
left with a life I’m told to plan out

Time to grow up
Trying to grow up

Don’t get me wrong, my life’s not terrible,
I just find uncertainty unbearable
And what keeps up at night
is wondering if I’ll ever get it right
Track Name: U.R.M.T
Were it not for that red square
you’d think that outfit was for squares
but it is there so you will cop
the next piece of shit that they drop

And they’ll wipe with your money

Forced to dress up for church on Sunday
when you only wanted to play
That was 15 years ago,
it’s time for you to let it go

I don’t believe,
but I’d like to be relieved
of everyone’s crucifixation,
it’s all the same, regardless of position

Are you really anti-religion
or just pro-pseudo-rebellion?
Either way, there are more than Christians,
so here are a few suggestions:
Burn a Qur’an, shit talk the Torah,
Draw an upside down menorah
Wear a tee that reads “Fuck Allah”
Desecrate the star of John Travolta

You are empty,
ugly radicals minding trends

Fuck off, tumblr activists
and all of your P.C. shit
Freedom and equality, but just for you
Fuck life shaming and fuck Doctor Who